The voice of the consumer

In Uruguay, Canada and some large states in the US, cannabis is legal. Everywhere in the world politicians, civil servants and scientists take the legalization of cannabis products into consideration. They think about laws and problems. But hardly anyone seems really interested in the people who consume cannabis and their needs. There are many different kinds of consumers with many different kinds of needs and ideas. We think politicians and policy makers should be informed about the diversity of cannabis consumers and their wishes.

420 Poll gives consumers a voice everywhere in Europe. The occasional smoker, the stubborn smoker, the edible enthusiast, the medicinal consumer: all of them are different. The 420 Poll involves consumers in the discussion about the future of cannabis.

Where should legal cannabis be offered for sale and should everyone be allowed to grow their own plants? Should edibles be allowed? Etcetera. 420 Poll wants to know how the cannabis consumers think about it.

So help us to give the cannabis consumer a voice and fill in the 420 Poll.  It will take you about 5 minutes. You can do this completely anonymous.

We are a combination of scientists entrepreneurs and visionaries from the cannabis sector who work together with Utrecht University in the Netherlands.